About Us

About Us

MCM works in remote villages across rural areas. Through the Big Muslim Fund, we bring them sustainable development solutions like safe water, food and orphan education sponsorship. Once we’ve jumpstarted development by giving them the means, people are able to begin to improve their own lives.With your support, many have already begun to break out of poverty and are working against the odds towards a brighter future. The proposed mosque will be to provide men’s and women’s prayer halls, kitchen, and classes for kids, teens and adults.

We bring simple solutions to improve rural communities. These make a lasting impact on the lives of village people tackling poverty. Share them with your friends and family or over social media. Lets spread the word about how much we can achieve when people come together to give their Zakat and Sadaqah towards lasting change.

Our Philosophy



The Muslim Community Mosque’s Imams can advise on a wide range of matters, such as marriage, bereavement, family problems, and Islamic guidance.


Lived Spirituality

True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that - it is spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.



Reasons to work in community :Collective wisdom, Pushing our limits, Support and belief, New ideas, Borrowed motivation, Accountability



We provide many services related to the muslim community. For example, Quran class for everyone, Counciling on various topics,

Our Team

Muslim Community Mosque-Hafiz Ghufran

Hafiz Ghufran

Muslim Community Mosque-Hafiz Rizwan

Hafiz Rizwan