History of MCM

It was 1991.Not many immigrants knew where is, Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the immigrants knew New York and Chicago, where they landed and settled. But now they were heading west because of Silicon Valley. The City of Phoenix had only one Masjid, ICC. Some members wanted to see changes but met resistance, so they rented a warehouse in 1994 and named It MUSLIM COMMUNITY MOSQUE. The very next the decision was made to buy the land for second Masjid in town. There were several sites considered But the Tall Somalian (Farah Awad) got his heart stuck to the land at 32nd street and McDowell. There was no Muslim population around, so everybody said, “WHO IS GOING TO PRAY THERE.” Do you recall that is what Hazrat Ibraheim said to Allah when he was asked to build in Mecca, OH ALLAH WHO WILL COME HERE TO WORSHIP? Anyway, it was bought and first Jumma was performed in hot month of June holding umbrellas because there was no building. Soon, a wooden box building was bought and placed over it. Soon Allah mobilizing people who will worship there. The political turmoil in Africa resulted in refugees from Somalia and Sudan, September 11, 2001 refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and later from Burma were all inhabited around this area. Now thousands of immigrant Muslims reside around this area and use this wooden box. The space initially for fifty people can’t accommodate hundreds of them. This is result of right, pious NIYAT of Tall Man..

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